North Midlands & Shropshire IA

Welcome to the North Midlands & Shropshire IA website. The merger of these two groups is effective from 1st October 2017 and the support and information for members, families and friends in these geographical areas is now provided by this newly enlarged North Midlands & Shropshire IA member organisation.

IA was started in 1956 by a group of people who had ileostomies themselves and together with members of the medical profession the Ileostomy Association was born. Our origins started in 1965, when under the guidance of the Midlands Division of the Ileostomy Association the Stoke, Stafford & Crewe Branch was formed. Today our organisation has a large geographical area to cover between Telford, Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Stoke, Stafford, Crewe, Leek, Congleton and out to Derby. We have tended to hold our twice yearly meeting in the Stoke area, but this will change in the near future. North Midlands & Shropshire IA are also proud to support the colorectal surgeons and stoma care nurses in the major hospital complexes in Stoke, Stafford, Crewe, Shrewsbury, Telford and Burton-on-Trent.

In common with all IA divisions, North Midlands & Shropshire IA has always been well supported by our superb medical professionals. Their dedication and support towards all our members over the years has been superb, whether in a professional capacity, being a speaker at one of our meetings or at social events that occur from time to time during the year.

North Midlands & Shropshire IA, like all the other IA member organisations, is ably supported by volunteers and qualified visitors, dedicated to providing a self help service and support to other people who find themselves through no fault of their own in a situation where they need major surgery to regain some of their quality of life. Our regular IA Journal and Midlands IA News Bulletin provides all members with regular updates and information on new products and accessories available.

Support to families and patient alike is provided through hospital, home and telephone visiting, sharing our experiences, providing published magazines and helpful hints and often by just being there. As an ileostomy and internal pouch association we are there to provide help and manage every-ones expectations, whether it be stoma or pouch, for young or not so young, for families and friends, by magazine or via the internet, IA will always be needed.

If you need our help or want to join us as a member please contact us and we will be pleased to help – details on the Contact page.